Nature Photography ; Eritrea

Eritrea is a country in the horn of Africa its capital city is Asmara. It is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast.The northeast and east of the country has an extensive coastline on the Red Sea.The following are some of the photos i took while i was there. A very hospitable and one of the most beautiful, clean cities in the world  i have ever seen and plus not forgetting the people who are so hospitable and welcoming. I would highly recommend a worthy place to visit/tour during summer break..You will never regret 🙂

The green stripe symbolizes the agricultural and livestock economy of Eritrea. The red stands for the blood shed during Eritrea's struggle for independence. The blue represents the marine wealth while the yellow represents the mineral wealth of Eritrea. The olive wreath and branch on the flag originate from Eritrea's first national flag which was used between 1952 and 1959 symbolizes peace.

Asmara is situated at an altitude of 2350 meter and has a population close to 4000000.Originally a commercial centre.

Asmara city downtown.

Eritrea’s size is approximately 117,600 km2 (45,406 sq mi) with an estimated population of 6 million.

Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn't developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don't expect to see.

Asmara the capital city of Eritrea is a great city. It is Africa’s hidden treasure with all its Art deco structures which is full of Italianate  architecture in the art deco style of the 1920s and 1930s.

Catholic Cathedral, Asmara, Eritrea

Front view of Asmara cathedral church

Broad palm tree lined boulevards cafes;lead through to well tended public gardens;elegant places .

Sports club in Asmara

I was lucky together with my sister to meet the famous designer clothing of Eritrea called Mr Muller.He brings out the beauty of habesha clothing’s Kidan Habesha,Chiffon (clothing),Netela,Zuria.

In Eritrea Christianity makes up 64% of the population with Islam making up 37% with the majority of Christians are oriental Orthodoxy and few Roman Catholicism.

The culture and the hospitality is also seen during gathering of family and friends while eating the famous meal which is called  Injera.Which is Served with slow-cooked stews made of beef, lamb or chicken and a hot pepper-paste “ berbere”. Eritreans like their food spicy.

Eritrea also known as the the nation of cycling. It is the only country in the world where cycling is its largest national sport. This I saw it for myself, almost every places we passed there were always group of cyclist on their daily routine exercise.

I was fortuned to also go to Massawa.

Massawa, also known as Mitsiwa and Batsi was the capital of the Italian Colony of Eritrea until this was moved to Asmara in 1900.

The North of Massawa is the white sandy beach of Gurgusum. The beaches are clean and uncrowded. It is a good place to sunbathe, for swimming, sailing, (scuba) diving or snorkeling and also hang around with your friends and family.

Although the places of interest all are within a distance of less then 5 kilometers of the Dahlak Hotel and Hotel Central, one is strongly advised to take a bottle of water  on every trip when traveling to or walking in the surroundings of Massawa (and the Dahlak Islands) since there is usually high temperatures .

The following are some  beautiful Scenarios Views i came across.. So beautiful so Eritrea!!!

Another interesting Fact i came to know while i was in some restaurant was that Eritrea/Ethiopia which was by then one nation was the third country to ever win the African cup of Nation in 1962.I Managed to take the picture of the team which was put on the wall frame.

To conclude, The journey to my home land country would be something that i will never forget. Learnt a lot of things from different people (family/friends)i came across. Eritrea a country rich of history culture and brave loving people. You all should try to visit.. you will love it!!

Eritrea, i love you.

With my twin bro 🙂


13 thoughts on “Nature Photography ; Eritrea

  1. Man…though the post is good u make me miss ma home town and home country man…specially Massawa with ma friends…olala i can’t wait to be there…

  2. what can i say!!u made me visit erithrea,where they say a part of rwandan people come from!!am proud!!i like the pic of mountains!!!

  3. Hi

    I am from Israel, and all we hear is how terrible Eritrea is.
    Are these stories true?
    And if not, what do you think there is such a difference between the reality and what you hear?

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