About Mose

My Real Names are Musie Tekle given by my dear parents “Dr Tekle and Tsegereda”, although many of my friends know me by “Mose” Am an  Eritrean though born and raised in Kenya, where it gave me chance to know and appreciate Vast cultures and different types of people.”Kenya a land of opportunities and a second home:)!! So about me, i am a strong believer of Positivity and optimism in Life. This virtue i  give gratitude to my loveliest mum,who from the beginning taught me to always be positive and my Dad who taught me to be responsible and humble.They  always believed in me.I love you Mum n dad for  been always there for me.

I have the Most Loving family ever starting from my parents, my Twin bro Aaron and my young siz Lulu i Love u very much!! If it was without you all, i wouldn’t have reached this far.Plus not forgetting my close friends who have always been there for me,I thank you.

I am currently studying Computer engineering  in Rwanda, Africa. while also learning how to make  documented inspiration films, photography & Modelling.

My dream since at young age (10yrs) was to always help the needy and the disadvantaged in the society for i believe we as humans are supposed to live as a family all united and also be thoughtful for the needy ones for our father in heaven blessed us so as to help those who are in need.

I wish and pray i bring a change to someone’s Life out there and u too have that chance to do so.

My Mission, Is to basically highlight issues regarding Humanity via the use of photography and Video footage’s of different people who i come across on this earth, being the rich,the poor,the orphaned,the politician,or  any one,as along as there is recognition of one’s lifestyle that is of educative and modest.




24 thoughts on “About Mose

  1. mose this is beautiful! i neva knew u were this talented…use it to change ur world and generations to come!!!! be blessed!!!

  2. this is …a don’t what a can call it ,but u rly inspire alot en u rly great ,keep it up en wish u th bst may God be on ur side always!

  3. Ur blog is amazing!! and your project that you do for the good of the society, you are using the talent that God gave you the way he planned it to be (i mean in a useful effective way) keep it up, you are creativity is awesome! God bless you.

  4. I have been impressed by what i have seen, you have a sense of creativity and art which is great and you are using your talent for the good of the society we need people like you, because they improve and helps the people that in need . the fact that you are a christian is amazing because you are a great example of a person who use the talent that God gave them for God in a way. Don’t give up on your works of using your talents by helping people around you. Keep it up! God Bless You.

    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words you have showered me with,This will for sure encourage me more.For i believe we all as Human being are one in the image of God,we have a role to play in, and that is helping one another. Thank you once again for appreciating my piece of work. God bless you abundantly!!!

      • That is actually true! it s just that some people don’t know yet on what they are capable of doing i mean their talents or how to use their talents or gifts or skills to improve the lifestyles of others. Since you have found out how you are capable of helping others using your talents! what would you tell other people who are trying to find their talents to also use what they have for the good of their society wherever they are?! what advices would you give?

      • Follow your dream and the passion that drives you!!! it’s a calling where i believe it starts from your heart. If you have a dream write it down, and try to follow it up. Dn’t let any one discourage you or put you off. and the most important is be humble and have a good relationship with people around you, this will really be of help. N The most important thing is you have to have faith in God, no matter how big the challenges you come across.He will guide you through. i hope this will be of help Jisca. God bless you. and thank you for always checking on my blog. 🙂

  5. Thank you very much about your advices! it’s more than helpful because you involved God that’s the key and being humble, and most people who personally I ask the same question but they answer follow your dreams and passions in terms of how good you are with people they never mention, so your advices have extra information which is really great. Once again thank you, may God keep you by his side day by day. God Bless, you are welcome.

  6. success seems to be connected with action,successful people keep moving,they make mistakes but they don’t quit!
    keep on man and i know you are one of a kind!

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