Fighting For Peace Youth Group Rwanda, Africa.

A story about a young group of warm hearted, talented, hardworking & cheerful orphans who have an inspiring experience to share.


Well known as the “Abaharanira amahoro Group” in Kinyarwanda which means fighting or struggling to achieve one’s set goal that is peace.
I came across this brave young courageous children at the time when I was at the mountain Gorilla Lodge park, they came all happily and started doing what they are best at Entertaining that is dancing the traditional dance culture of Rwanda… We were so impressed by the amount of passion they put in and how they presented themselves so happy and so united. So after their presentation, I went personally to inquire more about this beautiful n yet so talented group. I was sadden to hear of their other side of their story.
The Old man who is the drummer, happens to be their caretaker, is a very caring and warm hearted person I have ever met across, he started telling us how this young children had to struggle to reach where they are. He  later explained that all of their parents were killed during the war that happened in Rwanda 1994, a catastrophe which led to large number of deaths and increase in number of orphans. But luckily for this children, they were helped by some organization which is the one responsible for their catering of their needs and also because of the talent they have, they try to gain something out of it and hence even some of them are able to go to school and be educated. They all live together as a family and one could simply  see how so happy and so close they are together.

At the end…I learnt that, in Life one doesn’t need money to be happy but instead one needs to be in an healthy environment where he or she feels is appreciated and loved, that is what I can define happiness…

You could always find this amazing group  @Mountain Gorilla lodge park. In RwandaThis is the link>>


Be inspired.

God bless you.



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