Macro Photography,Hydrangea Flower in Rwanda.

Hydrangea Flowers

While Driving from Mountain Gorilla view lodge we had passed by the Gorilla Nest Hotel where their is a flower cottage called  Hanna Cottage. Their main flowers are the Hydrangea and also Aster the star flowers.

Hydrangea Flowers commonly known as Hydrogens or Hortensia is the major flower in early summer just in rainy season.

Hydrangea Flowers

it has lots of small flowers on the brench.

Hyrangea Flowers

The flower at its stage of growing….

The color of this flowers depends on Ph (Potential hydrogen of the ground,when Low Ph it becomes Blue as same as litmus paper.

But When its high PH Flower becomes red(Pink or Purple)

some other beautiful flowers i came across>>

N finally

Aster The star Flower.


5 thoughts on “Macro Photography,Hydrangea Flower in Rwanda.

  1. What absolutely stunning photographs! My daughter is visiting from Rwanda and she told me how beautiful the hydrangeas are there. We live in America and love these flowers here. Now they are a bond between faraway Rwanda and home. Your photos are so beautiful. Thank you.

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