Umuganda “Rwandan’s Unique culture”

Umuganda, is a well known term here in Rwanda, where the last Saturday of each month is a National day of community service, during which all the business operations are put at pause so as the people of the nation come together being the men,  women and children to participate in this starts from 7am-12pm. These includes: Planting trees, productive Agriculture, building schools for Rwandan children, subscribing to mutual health organization and to promote commerce and business in order to generate wealth.

Date 29/09/2012> Umuganda day.

Venue: Kanombe Kigali,Rwanda

According to the research made for months  i have noted that this Act of self sufficiency “Umuganda” has brought a lot of advantages that is Positive Impact to the people of Rwanda and the society at large. The Following are its effects..
>It leads to community spirit and togetherness.

>It creates strong bond between the people.

>It is through this Act of Umuganda, Rwanda can build a united prosperous and self reliant community.

>Children also participate in such beautiful culture; this would hence help in building a very productive and responsible citizens across Rwanda.

It has also made the country well known as a nation of clean city. This is so clearly seen when any one who comes into the country notices a Clean city Indeed!!

Kigali city

Some more photos >>

Young ones with their mum Drinking water after such a long day ☺

Usually after the period of work there is a short briefing (Meeting) where the Chief in charge is the one who brings all the people together and ideas and proposals are made.

I learnt from here the importance of community spirit and togetherness where they all come as one family and try to move on with same spirit.


Lastly to conclude, I would Quote with what once the president of Rwanda Paul Kagame said “ This Umuganda that we are participating in, and want all are to be part of, has a purpose. To awaken Rwandans to know that there is a lot we can achieve with the abilities we possess.”

Hope we can learn out of this example…

Be Blessed.


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