Trip to Ruhengeri Volcanic mountains,Rwanda

Rwandan Dance culture

This time  I was out with my colleagues for a weekend Picnic trip.. The place we went was called Mountain Gorilla View Lodge park a really interesting place for one to explore.While i was there I managed to capture the following interesting subjects… I hope u get to enjoy my adventure 🙂

Venue >> Mountain Gorilla Hotel…Rwanda.



Virunga Mountain.

The word “sabyinyo” in Kinyarwanda means tooth.Hence the reason why the Mountain shares the word “sabyinyo” due to its look alike tooth structure at its utmost  pick of the mountain…

Wooden board Paint placed next to a hotel potraying the gorilla and the famous  five volcanic mountain.

A flying Hawk bird which took me for a surprise…

in the Volcanoes National Park the type of vegetation is mostly bamboo and moorland, with small areas of forest.It is a home to an estimated one third of the worldwide mountain gorilla population.

Gorilla in Rwanda Paint.

Gorilla statue

The innocence of this rare specie…

Some Art Galleries i came across done by Unknown Artist…

Rwanda is one of only two countries in which mountain gorillas can be visited safely; gorilla tracking, in the Volcanoes National Park, attracts thousands of visitors per year.Incase for more  information please check on this link below>>

Rwandan Woven Basket “Agaseke”Commonly known as “Agaseke” is one of traditional arts and crafts which are produced throughout the country, it is used for decoration.

Music and dance are an integral part of Rwandan ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings.

Traditional dance

Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea commonly known as Hydrangea & Hortensia is the major flower in early summer just in rainy season.

The staircase

The creative staircase made by wood/Timber.

The Fcn Crew My colleguemates 🙂

N Finally My amazing colleagues chilling at the Park while Damaris gives us a brief history about Kenya….

Traditional Rwandan Dancer

Thank you for visiting by. Will be posting more>>

God Bless You.


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